Demand Response and Energy Management

Viridity’s demand response and energy management services help customers proactively manage their energy spend. By applying demand response strategies and automated control options, we drive savings by voluntarily shifting and shedding load during precision-predicted grid demand peaks, when electricity prices are at their highest.

These strategies and tools enable:

  • Smoothing of monthly peaks on utility bills
  • Revenue generation from the grid for voluntarily shifting load, when and where needed
  • Monetizing ancillary services revenue opportunities from electricity markets
  • Fully automated remote control of energy management services for customer interaction with the electricity markets
  • Value stacking of various revenue streams, using Viridity’s VPower™ software



Viridity offers the following industry leading solutions, for the demand response and energy management (DR&EM):

  • Analyzing customer needs and opportunities and offering an optimized strategy
  • Optimization and monetization of demand response use cases for the customer
  • Operation and maintenance of physical energy assets
  • Market operation of assets with specialized software applications
1,000+ C&I
500+ MW
Successful portfolio
of non-recourse financing
Value stacking
creating some of highest $ per MW revenue in the industry
24/7 Network
Operation Center (NOC)

* 97 MW / 184 MWh portfolio of battery energy storage systems

73 MW/ 136 MWh that we own and operate
10 MW/ 40 MWh under construction
14 MW/ 7.5 MWh[1] that we supplied and/or provide market operations to