Energy Storage

As penetration of wind and solar resources increases, so does the need for energy storage systems that help balance the electric system.

Viridity develops, builds, owns and operates advanced battery storage systems throughout the United States. We also offer market operations services to third party owners of BESS in some regions.

As a grid-connected asset, Viridity’s battery storage facilities enable us to supply the electric system with reliable capacity and energy optimization – storing energy during time of excess supply so it can be used during times of high demand. We also offer a full suite of ancillary services, for example, fast ramping for frequency regulation, operating reserves reactive power, black start and more. When connected behind the meter of an electric corporation, a municipal utility, a college campus, or a commercial/industrial customer, our battery storage solutions enable these customers to reduce their peak load contribution, significantly reducing demand charges on their electricity bills.

Viridity’s storage solution toolkit applies:

  • Dynamic connections between the electricity grid, distributed renewable energy assets if applicable and large energy customers
  • Enabling software (VPower™) that transforms those dynamic connections and customers’ unique energy usage profiles into financial returns
  • Market execution, transaction and implementation services that advantage all toolsets to deliver optimal outcomes.
  • Overarching management of all aspects of battery storage integration with your energy assets and the regional wholesale electricity markets in your area

As battery storage technology continues to improve, all of these services open new vistas of energy savings, operating options and earnings potential.

Viridity is FERC-authorized to make wholesale purchases and sales of energy, capacity and ancillary services at market-based rates. We have extensive experience, strong relationships and contractual functionality within the PJM, NYISO, ERCOT, MISO, CAISO and ISO New England markets.

97 MW / 184 MWH
Of Non-Recourse Financing
Both In-Front-Of-The-Meter And Behind-The-Meter
Operation Center (NOC)
Approx. 50

* 97 MW / 184 MWh portfolio of battery energy storage systems:

73 MW/ 136 MWh that we own and operate
10 MW/ 40 MWh under construction
14 MW/ 7.5 MWh[1] that we supplied and/or provide market operations to